Alex has been a full-time musician in the Chicagoland area for seven years now and in that time he has been building a loyal following as well as a catalog of original music. Alex has played in the greater MidWest area and just about everywhere else you can imagine in this country. A fusion of Blues, Funk, Rock and Americana bordering on Prog Rock, the sound is unmistakable.

Progressive Folk meets Blue Collar Rock recently did a piece on Alex Hoffer and Friends at Two Brother's Roundhouse in Aurora, IL on Saturday, 10/5/13. Here's a bit of what they said.

  "Then Alex moving everyone with his soulful voice and his unique style of guitar picking left me amazed.  I also have never seen such a beg from the crowd for more as the night came to a close.  The venue had no choice but to let them play more."

Alex Hoffer Featured on Windy City Live - 1/17/13.
Here's what a few of the viewers had to say.

"What a treat! So soulful" - Wendy H.
"So nice to see an up and coming talent like this. Just a great performance." - Steve S.
"I was really blown away by Alex. He is easily one of the best you've had on the show." - Dawn G. 
"This guy needs to be making steps because he's definitely got all the tools." - Roger F.


Musical Friends and Influences

Pete Galanis (,
Bobby Scumaci (, 
Marty Sammon (,
Giles Cory(,
Rick King (,
Joe Worrell (,
T-Bird Huck (,
Marty Mercer (,
Mondo Cortez (,
Herman Hines (
Maurice Jones (,
Josh Hanchar (,
John Condron (

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